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Sun. May 28th, 2023

Are you a Good 3D Animator? Are you skilled at animating quadrupeds? If yes, then Anthill Studios has a job opportunity for you. The studio is looking for a talented animator to work on a live-action/CGI film project for four months. The position is a full-time job and is based in Lagos.

Anthill Studios is a Nigerian animation studio that creates 2D and 3D animation for a wide range of clients. The studio has worked on various projects, including short films, TV shows, and advertisements. The current project is a live-action/CGI film that requires talented animators who can create realistic and believable quadruped animations.

To apply for the position, you need to send a demo reel of your work to career@anthillstudios.com. The demo reel should showcase your skills in animating quadrupeds, and it doesn’t have to be rendered. Anthill Studios will prioritize applicants who have experience in animating quadrupeds.

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If you are interested in the position, but you don’t have experience in animating quadrupeds, you can still apply. However, Anthill Studios is specifically looking for animators with expertise in quadruped animation. So, if you want to increase your chances of being hired, it’s best to focus on quadruped animations.

Working on a live-action/CGI film is a great opportunity for any animator. It’s a chance to work on a big project, collaborate with other talented artists, and improve your skills. The four-month duration of the project means that you will have a stable job for a significant amount of time.

If you know someone who might be interested in the position, make sure to share this opportunity with them. It’s always good to help others find job opportunities, especially in the creative industry, where jobs can be hard to come by.

In conclusion, if you are a talented 3D animator with expertise in animating quadrupeds, Anthill Studios has a job opportunity for you. Send your demo reel to career@anthillstudios.com, and you might land a full-time job on a live-action/CGI film project. Good luck!

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